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Please remember the articles are DUE on the date listed.

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GWMA Holiday Meal Schedule


Easter – Christ the King Lutheran

Thanksgiving – St. Paul Lutheran/Trinity Lutheran

Christmas – Christ Community Church


Easter – Vista Covenant/Real Life Church

Thanksgiving – St. John’s Lutheran

Christmas – Christian Assembly


Easter – Sacred Heart

Thanksgiving – Faith Methodist

Christmas – Grace Lutheran


Easter – First Congregational Church

Thanksgiving – Christ the King Lutheran

Christmas – St. Paul/Trinity


Easter – Christ Community Church

Thanksgiving – Vista Covenant/Real Life Church

Christmas – St. John’s Lutheran


Easter – Christian Assembly

Thanksgiving – Sacred Heart

Christmas – Faith Methodist


Easter – Grace Lutheran

Thanksgiving – First Congregational Church

Christmas – Christ the King Lutheran

Rotation for Baccalaureate Services

2015 – Sacred Heart

2016 – St Paul Lutheran

2017 – St John Lutheran

2018 – Real Life Church

2019 – Christ the King Lutheran

2020 – Christ Community Church

2021 – Grace Lutheran

2022 – North Waseca Lutheran

2023 – Faith Methodist

2024 – Christian Assembly

2025 – First Congregational

2026 – Trinity Lutheran

2013 Schedule for Newspaper Articles
Article Date    Church                                        Due Date
Jan. 11              Sacred Heart                            Jan. 7th
Jan. 18th         Vista Covenant                        Jan. 14
Jan. 25th         Faith United Methodist       Jan. 21
Feb. 1st  Evangelical United Methodist     Jan 28
Feb. 8th          Christian Assembly                Feb. 4
Feb. 15th    North Waseca Lutheran           Feb. 11
Feb. 22nd     Christ Community                    Feb. 18
March 1st      St. John’s Lutheran                 Feb. 25
March 8         Waseca Wesleyan                    March 4
March 15       First Congregational             March 11
March 22       Grace Lutheran                      March 18
March 29       Real Life Congregation        March 25
April 5        Christ the King Lutheran        April 1st
April 12         Sacred Heart                            April 8
April 19th       Vista Covenant                      April 15
April 26th    Faith United Methodist         April 22
May 3rd   Evangelical United Methodist April 29
May 10          Christian Assembly                May 6
May 17th      North Waseca Lutheran       May 13
May 24th     Christ Community                   May 20
May 31st     Waseca Wesleyan                     May 27
June 7th     First Congregational               June 3
June 14th     Real Life Congregation        June 10
June 21st     Grace Lutheran                      June 17th
June 28th     St. John’s Lutheran             June 24
July 5th       Christ Community                July 1st
July 12th    Christ the King Lutheran     July 8
July 19th    Sacred Heart                            July 15
July 26th    Vista Covenant                      July 22
August 2nd    Faith United Methodist   July 29
August 9th Evangelical United Methodist  Aug. 5
August 16th     Christian Assembly       Aug. 12
August 23rd   North Waseca Lutheran Aug. 19
August 30     Christ Community             Aug. 26
Sept. 6th     Waseca Wesleyan                 Sept. 2
Sept. 13th     First Congregational        Sept. 9
Sept. 20th     Real Life Congregation   Sept. 16
Sept. 27th     Grace Lutheran                 Sept. 23
Oct. 4th     St. John’s Lutheran               Sept. 30
Oct. 11th     First Congregational           Oct. 7
Oct. 18th     Christ the King Lutheran  Oct. 14
Oct. 25th     Sacred Heart                         Oct. 21
Nov. 1st     Vista Covenant                      Oct. 28
Nov. 8th     Faith United Methodist     Nov. 4
Nov. 15th  Evangelical United Methodist  Nov. 11
Nov. 22nd     Christian Assembly         Nov. 18
Nov. 29th   North Waseca Lutheran   Nov. 25
Dec. 6th     Christ Community                Dec. 2
Dec. 13th     Waseca Wesleyan               Dec. 7th
Dec. 20th     First Congregational        Dec. 14th
Dec. 27th    Real Life Congregational Dec. 21st
Jan. 3 2014     Grace Lutheran              Dec. 28th

2011 Schedule for Newspaper Articles

Please note that these articles are not for solicitation to our individual worshipping communities, but are rather to be about 500 words, and issue oriented, devotional, or theological food for thought.

Jan. 12th Sacred Heart

Jan. 19th Vista Covenant

Jan. 26th Faith/Evang United Methodist

Feb. 2nd Christian Assembly

Feb. 9th North Waseca Lutheran

Feb. 16th Christ Community

Feb. 23rd St. John’s Lutheran

March 2nd Waseca Wesleyan

March 9th First Congregational

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Waseca Christian Ministerial Association
Holiday Meal Serving Schedule

Easter – Vista Covenant 465-8365 & Real Life Church
Thanksgiving – North Waseca Lutheran 234-6463 & Waseca Wesleyan 463-8557
Christmas – First Congregational 835-4548

Easter – Grace Lutheran 835-1709
Thanksgiving – Faith United Methodist 835-3167
Christmas – Evangelical United Methodist 835-4774

Easter – Christ Community Church 835-2235
Thanksgiving – St John Lutheran 833-1703
Christmas – Grace Baptist 835-2213

Easter – Christian Assembly 833-1082
Thanksgiving – Sacred Heart 835-1222
Christmas – North Waseca Lutheran 234-6463 & Waseca Wesleyan 463-8557

Easter – First Congregational 835-4548
Thanksgiving – Grace Lutheran 835-1709
Christmas – Faith United Methodist 835-3167

Rotation for Baccalaureate Services
Year Church

2011 –  Evangelical United Methodist
2012 – Faith United Methodist
2013 – First Congregational
2014 – Grace Lutheran
2015 – North Waseca Lutheran
2016 – Sacred Heart
2017 – St. John Lutheran
2018 – Real Life Church
2019 – Vista Covenant
2020 – Waseca Wesleyan

The Greater Waseca Ministerial Association (GWMA) exists for Pastors and Ministry Professionals to:

Grow in Jesus Christ through fellowship.
Worship, pray, and serve in Christian unity.
Minister to the needs of others in the greater Waseca community.
Announce the Good News contained in the Bible.

GWMA Purpose Statement
The GWMA exists to: Pray for and encourage one another; Provide opportunities for professional enrichment and growth; Celebrate and share ministry successes and resources; Offer support and encouragement in times of crisis to the people of our community; Serve as coordinator and/or liaison between churches and community regarding issues or programs of mutual concern.

Implementation of Our Purpose
1. The GWMA meets regularly in the months of September, November, January, March and May. Other meetings may be held as necessary.

2. GWMA provides a weekly worship service at the local nursing home; coordinates weekly newspaper articles, an annual Baccalaureate service, holiday meals at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas; bell ringing for the Salvation Army; collection of food and finances for the Neighborhood Service Center; provides crisis counseling for area schools and or community; meets other community needs, not specifically mentioned, as needed or requested.

3. GWMA administers a ‘Transient Fund’ which provides emergency assistance for persons traveling through the community.

4. GWMA serves as a means of communication about other ministries, community events, social services, and other matters of interest within our churches, Waseca and the surrounding communities.


1. Prayer with and for one another as well as for our community and the advancement of the Gospel.

2. Fostering social contact and Christian fellowship among area clergy and their families.

3. Our theological guidelines for membership are the truths of the Apostle’s Creed.

4. We do not covenant to implicitly endorse each other’s denominational or personal beliefs.

5. We join together to speak with a united voice to government, public institutions and businesses to ensure avenues for each congregation to function most effectively within our community.